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Fresh Ingredients

It’s a scientific fact that cooking with fresh ingredients makes your food taste better.

First, the preservatives and excess sodium and sugar so often used in long-life, processed food mask its true flavor. The further the food has to travel, the more likely it is to include unnecessary chemicals. Canned foods, which typically have the longest shelf life, are sterilized through boiling. This process, combined with the addition of preservatives, makes products lose their natural taste.

Second, local produce is most often picked and distributed on the same day, which means fruit and vegetables don’t require a flavor-masking wax coating.

While freezing food is perhaps the best way to retain natural flavor, the forming of ice crystals can impact food’s shape and texture, which may make it less appetizing.

Finally, local produce is less likely to contain antibiotics and hormones, and the quality of life for the livestock is likely to be better.

Fresh, quality food is delicate. Time and temperature affect the flavor negatively because mass-produced food is held at a safe temperature for long amounts of time. At Fresh Ideas, we use batch cooking to prepare smaller portions of food during service to produce an enhanced fresh food experience.

Our Kitchen Our Lab

We are a California Certified at home reseller. All of our products are baked on our premises, and we have no secondary baking partners. 

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